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Dance World Cup Japan-Korea Competition Participation Guidelines



The Dance World Cup Japan-Korea aims to promote the healthy development of children through dance, provide opportunities for international exchange, foster international human resources and contribute to the development and improvement of artistic culture in Japan and Korea. It also aims to be an inclusive competition, promoting the individuality and abilities of people with disabilities and their participation in society. The top finishers will be given the right to participate in the World Finals.



Saturday, 14 September 2024 



2-chome-7-16 Showadori, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Amashin Archaic Hall




Mini (4-9 years old)
Children (10-13 years)
Junior (14-17 years)
Senior (18-25 years)
Para-dance (any age)


※Please apply based on your age as of 1 January 2024.





National and Folklore


Show Dance





Song and Dance

Street Dance



※If you are unsure about the genre of your entry, please contact us.



【Para-dance section】

The para-dance category is open to all ages. Please apply for the para-dance category regardless of genre or number of participants. Performance times vary according to age and genre, but are the same for both para-dance and non-para-dance divisions: 18 years and older will have senior performance times. You must also be between the ages of 4 and 25 if you wish to be judged for the right to compete in the Dance World Cup World Finals. The cost for the para-dance category is 5,000 yen per person for the system registration and entry fee, regardless of the genre or number of performers. Applications will be handled on an individual basis, please email.



In principle, judging will be in order of date of birth. The judging will be conducted in the order of date of birth.



One judge from DWC HQ and at least one judge from the host country.


【How to enter】

Entry can be made via the entry menu on the website. Entries must be made by a representative of the dance school. Free dancers who do not belong to a dance school are requested to enter all items under their own name. Please upload your sound files. Payment by credit card is required.


【Video Entry】

Video judging is accepted. The same rules apply as for the general judging, and judging will be carried out in order to qualify for the World Finals. Please select Video Entry from the entry form. The video will be uploaded to the uploading page.


【Entry period】

Sunday 1 October to Wednesday 28 February.


※Entry will close when capacity is reached.


【System registration fee】

5,000 yen per contestant.

【Entry Fee】









An awards ceremony will be held on stage after all judging. Medals will be awarded to the third place winner in each division, genre and class. All contestants are requested to participate. Video entries are also eligible for awards, so please participate if possible.


【For qualification to the World Finals】

The top four soloists, duos/trios and quartets who score 70 points or more out of 100, and the top five small groups and large groups, will be entitled to participate in the World Finals. In addition, special quotas may be awarded by the jury. Participation in the World Finals is voluntary. In the unlikely event that a group withdraws, they will be moved up.


【Special awards from the judges】

The special awards  are as follows. Please see below.


4 Special Solo Prizes

Free entry fees for solo and duet/trio entries. Free entry to the World Finals event. For all solo and duet/trio dances entering the World Finals.


2 duo/trio special prizes.

Free entry fee only for duet/trio dances that have won a special prize at the Japan-Korea competition.
Entry fee for all other dances entered in the World Finals.
No event entry fee for the World Final.


2 small group special prizes.
Small group winning school receives a cash prize of 200 EUR  to be used at the World Finals.


2 large group special prizes
The winning school of the Large Group receives a cash prize of EUR 400 to be used at the World Finals.



London Studio Centre Summer Programme (a few students aged 14+)
The course will run for five days each, from late July to early August. The course will last for five days each in late July/early August.


【Dancer exchange/substitute dancers】

Duets and trios may exchange one dancer for the World Finals. Quartets, small groups and large groups may exchange up to 50% of their dancers. These exchange dancers must have participated in the Japan-Korea competition. Only in special circumstances can replacement dancers who did not participate in the DWC be exchanged. In such cases, permission must be obtained from DWC HQ.



Passcards are valid for the following. Please collect it at the reception desk on the day of the event.


Contestant Passcard

Can only be used by contestants. It allows access to the venue and backstage areas.


Participating Organisation Passcard

Can be used by leaders of the contestant's organisation.
Entry to the venue and backstage area.


Number of Participating Organisation Passcards distributed



Live streaming
The Japan-Korea conference will be live-streamed free of charge.


Workshops by judges and others will be held on the day of the competition. Details will be announced on the website at a later date.


Welfare experience event
A welfare experience event will be held in the foyer on the day of the Congress. Blind and wheelchair experiences are planned.


Video and merchandise sales
Video data, DVDs/Blu-Rays and DWC merchandise will be available for purchase from the store on the website.


【For further information, please contact】

Art Philosophy Incorporated Association

5-6-10 Onoharanishi 5-chome, Mino-shi, Osaka 562-0032, Japan
Telephone: 0727-10-7575

We look forward to your participation.

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Ballet (creation, repertoire) rules

Ballet Japanese 1.png

Participating class/genre/performance time

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