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About DWC


1. Largest All-Genre Competition

Dance World Cup is the largest, all-genre international dance competition for children and young adults in the world, with representatives from across all continents. Each year over 20,000 dancers from 65 countries compete at their country's qualifier for a coveted space to compete at the World Finals.

2. The Olympics of Dance

With each country having only 4 places available at the World Finals per age group and genre, Dance World Cup is considered as the Olympics of Dance, with 6000 of the best dancers around the world representing their country at the World Finals. To be acknowledge as the best dancer in your country or finishing in the top 10 at the World Finals is an accolade.

3. International Judges

Dance World Cup always has a diverse panel of international judges who are recognised as some of the best tutors and specialist from around the world and are famous in their own genre of expertise.

These international judges adjudicate the country qualifiers, so the process is bias-free and there are 22 judges at the World Finals to ensure that there are specialists in all genres of dance. Emi Hariyama from Japan joined the member of the International Judges this year.

4. World Class Theatres

Each year the World finals are held in a different country at the most spectacular venues. Dancers perform on world class stages and the Gala events are held at some of the most iconic theatres. Dance World Cup offers a unique media platform for each individual dancer by providing dancers with their own professional photos and videos of their routines right after completion of their performances, plus live streaming for their supporters' enjoyment at home.

5. Bringing Dancers Together

Dance World Cup is more than a competition. As our motto goes "friendship through the language of dance, we strive to bring dancers together from across the world in the hope to create lasting friendships for life. This experience promotes healthy competition, unity, and a dedication to promote the love of dance in their communities. Coupled with our educational programme, including masterclasses and summer schools, we provide opportunities for dancers of all ages to learn skills, technique, and to develop their talents to their fullest potential.

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